Games: Pokemon Go !!!


Pokemon Go!!! Coming out in 2016.

The Pokemon company announced that their new game soon available in the app store and google play will be released some time in 2016. I bet you Pokemon fans are already anticipating the release. I’m a fan of Pokemon, but this is my first time hearing about an actual legit Pokemon game being dropped on iOS. Apparently, this game is a pretty big deal. For those of you who are also hearing about this for the first time, Pokemon Go is a game where you catch Pokemon in real life. You can only catch them when your outside, so while your walking you will get a notification when a Pokemon is near by and you would have to catch it. I’m not very familiar with how you catch the Pokemons, but that’s basically the object of the game. I wonder if it’s also a way to get kids and teens to be active while having fun. Another detail I heard is that the game goes by real world weather and temperature. That basically means that fire type Pokemons can be found during hot weather and water type Pokemons can be found during rainy weather and so on. There are over 700 Pokemon to collect so you will have tons of fun!!! For more detail watch the video below. Bye guys!!


Diary of a Geek Pt. 4: My Wattpad Experience

Dear Diary,

A while ago my friend introduced me to Wattpad. I always wondered what she was reading on her phone in the middle of class. She told me she was reading a story on Wattpad. Ofcourse my reaction was “What is Wattpad?”. Instead of telling me she stole my phone in downloaded it. After it finished downloading she added some of her favorite stories and told me to read them.

I hate reading, but she asked me to read them, so I did. I read the stories, but I didn’t think that they were that good. I told my friend, her name is Erlene by the way that I could write a way better story. Then this kid named Sayvion said “You wild’n you can’t write no story. Why money think she can do stuff?”. Mind you I don’t like Sayvion at all. Thou are a artless onion-eyed scut. Like no one was even talking to him. I hate when he speaks. Well enough about Sayvion. So, Erlene told me to prove it and I’m like watch me.

That day I went home and logged into Wattpad on the computer. I wrote a sample story then posted it, but it didn’t get much views only six. That told me that me story didn’t look interesting for people to want to click on it. So, I wrote a different story with a better cover. Seems that people liked it because my chapter got a few more views, but the story line wasn’t interesting because my second chapter only got three views. I was really getting fustrated. I don’t know if it was because I rushed on the stories, but I just really wanted to get views.

My final story was a hit for a beginner. I would tell you what it was called, but I don’t need you guys judging me. The story I wrote isn’t very PG so to say. Similar to a 50 Shades of Grey written by a teenager. The cover was brilliant and the first chapter was phenomenal. I wrote many other chapters, but the first chapter has the most hits. Right now I’m working on my third chapter, but I having a writter’s block. Mainly because I don’t want to disappoint my fans. My other chapters were doing really good, but I want this chapter to be as good as the first. People that enjoyed my story were giving me advise, but I’m a selfish person I like my work to be original. If I use other people’s idea it’s because I literally couldn’t think of my own idea. So yeah Wattpad is legit cool. I recommend you download it, especially if you like to write.

Diary of a Geek Pt. 3: Lip Sing for Your Life!

Dear Diary,

Today is… and I’m like really upset.

So last week I found out that Rupaul’s Drag Race has a new season. I was so freaking excited, like drag is freaking awesome. Anyways so I turn on Hulu and I’m looking for the catagory “new season”, but Rupaul’s Drag Race isn’t there.

wtf-laganja Laganja Estranja

Now I’m confused. I search Rupaul’s Drag Race, click on it and guess what. HULU DIDN’T UPLOAD THE NEW SEASON. What the heck! You don’t understand how upset I was when I didn’t see new episodes for Rupaul’s Drag Race.

Rupaul’s Drag Race is my friend Izzy and I’s favorite show. Follow Izzy at… How could you not like drag? If you don’t know what the show is about, it’s basically like America’s Next Top Model, but with drag queens. In my opinion it’s more intertaining than ANTM because the drag queens have more personality and more creativity


Models are models, but drag queens are actors, singers, lip singers, designers, drag queens are real artists. And by real artists I mean artists.

tumblr_o3p3gqYrMp1uzh56ro1_500 Gia Gunn

bianca-del-rio-surprised Bianca del Rio

violet-chachki-hey-girl-hey-400 Violet

Not only are they gorgeous they have a great personality. Izzy and I love to recite quotes from drag queens because they’re so funny.

“I like to see myself as a glamour toad”

“If you don’t love yourself how the hell you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an amen up in here?”

You can follow Izzy at . Bianca del Rio from season 6 was the sarcastic, funny one in the group. She threw shade everyone once in a while, but it’s a competiton of course some shade is going to be thrown.

8jDYj7J Bianca del Rio


Violet was more of the quiet one. She wasn’t shy, she was quiet because she was judging everyone. Some might say she’s a bitch and think she’s better than everyone, but I think she earned it. Have you seen how she walked the runway on the first day. Violet slayed, and she also was the first to win a mini game.


So basically I like drag.

giphy (3)



Diary of a Geek pt. 2: How I Nearly Died!

Dear Geeks,
Today is April 1st, about three-quarters into the school year. I haven’t been very active in my school community, so I finally decided to listen to my mom and join a sport. I’m not really an athletic person, but I joined a sport anyways.

Joining track had to be one of the stupidest decisions I’ve ever made. I don’t like to run, I’m not good at running, but I decided to join a sport where they run. My logic I know, it doesn’t make sense. Anyways, my first day of track wasn’t so bad we ran a little, it was cool, but my second day. What the hell?!

All I remember is  running until my legs gave up on me and being confused about what circle jerking is. WHAT IS CIRCLE JERKING? Don’t Google it, your results won’t be so pleasing. We were in line about to do what they call formations and a group of boys were talking. My coach yelled at them  “Stop [ profanity ] circle jerking each other”. After that we did several more running exercises with several F bombs blurted out from the assistant coach. Yeah my second day of track was traumatizing. And to top all of that off my legs and back are still sore.

So the moral of my story is don’t join a sport just because your mom told you to or else you will end up googling circle jerking and hating track.


Diary of a Geek pt. 1: Anime 50% off!!

Today is Thursday, February 24, 2016

I decided to create this new series called Diary of a Geek. I’m sorry I have too much homework to watch Hulu, so I may not have an anime to review for a while. This series will be a way for me to have something to talk about, while still staying on my topic.

Anyways, 7 days ago was my birthday and I got a bunch of money. I went to the mall to spend it when I discovered that Hot topic and Spencer’s has a deal on all anime items. Spencer’s is one of my favorite stores and they had a  buy one get the second one 50% off all Dragon Ball Z items. The deal was actually pretty good, because at Spencer’s each graphic tee is about $20.00 regular price. That’s very expensive for me., but since there was a deal I bought 2 Dragon Ball Z shirts and a Deadpool lanyard. I was going to buy the pops from Hot Topic too.

Screenshot 2016-02-24 at 9.40.31 AMDEADPOOL POPScreenshot 2016-02-24 at 9.42.47 AMDRAGON BALL Z POP

There’s other stores at the mall that have sales as well, but mostly on Deadpool items since the movie came out recently. I would’ve bought some more Deadpool items, but i wanted to go to Cinnabon afterwards. If your like me, you know that you can’t go to the mall without going to Cinnabon. It’s like going to the movies and not buying popcorn.

So yeah, that’s what I did over the weekend. I wish that I could stay and chat, but these homework assignments are killing me.  There  is literally no escape. Well, let me get to doing my math and other stuff. See you next Thursday… Probably.

Naruto the Last Airbender: Puppet Show

Homework assignment due Wednesday of today, a puppet show screen write. I’ve never done a puppet show before nor have I ever written a script. My teacher assigned this out homework last week, but I wasn’t what to do. I procrastinated the whole week. Then it came to me.

Naruto the Last Airbender. My favorite cartoon in the world is Avatar the Last Airbender (but, the movie sucks). Every kid the is my age, 14 should know this cartoon. Its a fan favorite. Anyways, I was on Hulu the other day and I couldn’t decide whether or not to watch Naruto or Avatar. I haven’t finished the Naruto season, I wanted to watch my childhood cartoon at the same time. I only had time to watch one episode before I was leaving to go to my grandmother’s house. Then i said to myself if only I can watch them both at once. Naruto the Last Airbender, I have accidentally created the ultimate fan fiction.

After that I was on google searching up facts about both shows trying to find a way to morph both ideas together. When I finally planned out what I was going to do I couldn’t stop the ideas from coming. I was having word vomit all over google docs, and now I have finished.


Midterms,Hell week, and Out of District Students

Greetings people, So today’s blog is going to be a lot different, but I’ll try to find a way to connect this topic to my overall blog. So today Friday, January 15, 2016 was the last day of hell week. What is hell week? Hell week is the week before midterms. I call it hell week because I’ve been going through hell this whole week. Teachers have been throwing exams left and right trying to get in final grades before the quarter ends and I’ve been going home with a plethora of homework. I’m already stressed enough with that homework and now I have to write this stupid blog. I’m sorry, but I really just want to go to sleep. After this blog I have three days worth of homework and studying to do. I really just want to crawl in my bed and binge watch Junjou Romantica and Food Wars. So because I have a 300 word minimum to do before I end this blog, I’m going to tell you everything I have to do for homework that way you’ll know that Hell Week is real.

This Is the schedule I made for myself

Friday 1/15: Finish blog that you didn’t publish, Work on World Lit project- Finish project today or tomorrow

Saturday 1/16: Math midterm review answers online, Study math on Khan Academy, Write notes on Japanese history articles

Sunday 1/17: Make note cards for Spanish, Japanese, and Science vocab + Complete Science midterm review

Monday 1/18: Complete anything that you didn’t complete in days above and study for Math and Science midterm for Monday.

This may seem like its not a lot, but if your a high school student who has had to wake up at 5:00 every morning every school week, then go home and work on a bunch of homework because your Spanish teachers wants proof that your actually studying and your Japanese history teacher wants you to write 5 essays. And while your writing the essays your mom wants you to eat, but you want to get the essays done because they’re due the next day that you skip dinner. When you finish the essays you remember that you also have Science and Japanese homework that requires a textbook that you  don’t go to sleep until 2:00 am after you’ve completed it all, but now you only have 3 hours of sleep because may I remind you at 5:00 am you have to wake up.Your so tired that you sleep through your alarm and don’t wake up till 5:45. That may not seem like a big deal because most kids take the bus to school don’t wake up until 6:30 am, but your not a normal kid you take the train to school and that train comes at 6:07. Now your rushing to get ready and by time you finish its 6:00 and it takes 2 minutes to get to the train station. You think you’ve made it just in time, but when you get in the car your dad doesn’t drive off until 6:04 because he’s too busy texting. How much time do you have to get to the train station now? On your way there you get stuck at a stop light and time is added on and your almost there. You make it at 6:10, good thing your train is late.

Now if this scenario were to happen everyday, is that homework a lot of work?

My Reaction to Naruto


As you must know Naruto is one of the most popular and longest aired anime shows out there. Naruto in general is about a boy Naruto Uzumaki who wants to become Hokage. An Hokage is the leader of the Village Hidden in the Leaves and one of the strongest and wisest ninja of the nation. When Naruto was a new born a Nine- Tailed Fox attacked his village and its spirit possessed Naruto’s body. Growing up Naruto faces a bunch of obstacles that stop him from achieving his goal. In Naruto, having the evil spirit trapped in his body led many people to doubt and misjudge him.

To my knowledge there are three Naruto anime’s, Naruto , Naruto Spin off, and Naruto Shippuden; The newest one. Naruto I believe already ended, but I never got the chance to watch it. Over the weekend I started watching Naruto Shonen Jump and I really like it. In comparison to Caillou, the American cartoon about a toddler and his daily routines, Naruto is way better way for me to spend my Saturday mornings. There’s action, comedy, adventure, and romance all together, but that’s not what made me like Naruto.

In the first three episodes, Naruto fails his ninja exam and all his classmates laugh and talk about him behind his back. In that same episode Naruto finds out why adults look at him with cold eyes. He finds out that the spirit he didn’t know was in his body killed many ninja as they tried to protect their village. He also learns that his sensei’s parents were killed by the Nine- tailed Fox, and is the reason why he was so mean to Naruto. I felt emotionally connected to Naruto in that scene and it made me want to watch more to see how Naruto reacted to the situation. In the end Naruto passed his exam and got to reunite with his classmates.

Right now, I’m on the 9th episode of season 1 so I can’t really elaborate and add more details to my reaction, but I promise to make another blog post when I atleast finish season 1. I can confidently say that so far I’m liking Naruto.


Naruto Shippuden

Fairy Tale

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Food Wars






Things I hate about knowing how to draw

Being an anime fan is natural that you know how to draw. In my case I’ve been mimicking the way japanese cartoons are drawn since i was a kid, but knowing how to draw has its perks.

1.people call you a “good drawler”
Oh my gosh that has to be one of my biggest pet peeves. Drawler! Really? The word your looking for is artist or professional animr forger

2. Before your even done drawing or sketching people criticize the head shape or just anything. I don’t mind if the person who is critiquing my work is better than me, but if you can’t draw please shut up.

3. Finally, when people put you on the spot and call your art the best when its not or compare you to other people. I don’t care if my art is better or worst than anyones please don’t compare me to other people.

Being a Geek in High School

What is High school? That’s a question that I kept asking myself last year. Hey guys, my name is Monei. I’ve been a Freshman for about a month now. I know this post is different from my others, but stay tuned.

I came from a very small middle school. My graduating class only had 45 students. We’ve all known each other since elementary school and we became attached. Even if we didn’t like someone we couldn’t deny the fact that we all grew up as friends. Everyone was comfortable and happy in middle school, or it seemed that way. I know I wasn’t completely happy. I felt that i was hiding who i was.

I’m the geeky girl who likes to be alone in her room, watch anime, listen to K-pop, and use the internet to learn things instead of going on social media, but when i was in school i wasn’t that way. I was loud, social, got called to the principals office every once in a while and obsess about whether or not someone liked my picture on Instagram. My personality was a complete fake. I had a lot friends and attention, but for the wrong reasons. When i did show people the things i liked they laughed made jokes. I wanted to start new in high school and completely be myself.

The first day school started i was shocked by the amount of people. The hallways were crowded. I get really nervous around large groups of people and anxiety starts to kick in. That’s why now iwalk through the halls with earbuds on, sometimes i’m not even listening to music it just helps. I joined a bunch of clubs and socialized in some of my classes. If people didn’t have a similar personality or interest as mine i did’t befriend them. Not to be mean, but because i didn’t want to hide what i liked. I actually made a bunch of friends this way. I learned that if your a honest about the things you like you will attract people with the same interest and nobody will make front of you because nobody really cares.




Beautiful Bones Episode Review: 02 – Where do you live?

I was thinking about watching this show

In the cubbyhole

A scruffy young child and the child’ mother is seen walking the streets late at night. The mother is impatient with the child. Tatewaki heads over to the convenience store, since his mother didn’t stock up the fridge. Tatewaki sees the young child across the store. The young child is taken to the police. The police want to know where the child’s mother is. but are unable to understand what the child is saying. The police officer wants to take a look at the child’ back pack, but the child refuses. Tatewaki trades some food, for the back pack. They look inside the back pack, to no avail. Tatewaki spots a hand print. And suspects it might be blood. Tatewaki takes Li-cha to Koujou place. Koujou who was sleeping, is very annoyed with him. Koujou at first wasn’t interested, but upon seeing the child, relents…

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